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Specification, Construction, and Implementation of Lifting Gates

How to use and Install Lifting gates in Headworks of Irrigation system, Siphon gates, Barrage gates, Hydropower Intake Gates?

  In this article, you can discover about Hand operated vertical lift gates of various dimensions as calculated in the Design sheet and Lifting gates supply and installation process that is directed by the Engineer. And specification of the  Lifting gates is also presented here.      

Each gate should be designed to withstand and operate against a head of water equal to the depth of the gate with no water downstream and is capable of being raised a height equivalent to the gate depth.

Each gate consists of framing incorporating guide grooves and sealing faces, together with a sill member and gear supporting members, movable gate leaf with sealing faces and operating gear.  Gates are provided with an operating platform with handrailing and access ladders wherever needed.


The gate framing consists of guide grooves fabricated from steel plate with sill and gear supporting members connected to the grooves by bolts.

The groove members extend upwards sufficiently to support and guide the gate through its travel and are fitted with adjusting and fixing devices to enable them to be accurately positioned and securely held within the recesses in the concrete work during setting–in.  The groove members are fitted with machined non-ferrous faces upon which the gate should slide and seal.

The sill member should consist of a rolled steel angle or other suitable section having a machined upper surface upon which the lower sealing member of the gate should bear when the gate is fully closed.  The sill member is fitted with leveling screws to permit its accurate alignment and leveling within the recess formed in the concrete floor.  The ends of the sill member are connected to the groove members at each end.

The gear supporting members are designed to support the operating gear and the loads resulting from gate operation and is connected to the groove members at each end.


The gate should have welded steel construction consisting of a steel skidplate supported on the upstream side by horizontal stiffening members connected to vertical side guiding and stiffening members contained within the side grooves.  The arrangement provided at the top of the gate for attachment of the gate to the operating spindles by means of non-ferrous hinge pins.

Lifting gates used in Barrage of Irrigation Project
Lifting gates used in Barrage of Irrigation Project

The skinplate is stiffened along its upper edge by means of a rolled steel angle or other suitable section and along its lower edges by a sealing bar.

The gate should be fitted with machined steel sliding and sealing faces to match those incorporated into the framing as directed by the Engineer.

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