How to find Underground water|Sources of Groundwater – CivilCodex


Sources of groundwater, how to find underground water – this article is about Surface runoff, infiltration, ground water flow characteristics, Sources of groundwater, how to find underground water, aquifer, water table, etc. The objective of Groundwater FlowDemonstration Model is to outline the stream ways that groundwater takes under an obstacle …

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Stone masonry|Masonry contractors|Specification of stone masonry|

Modern style of masonry construction

Masonry is the craft of shaping rough pieces of rock into accurate geometrical shapes, at times simple, but some of the considerable complexity, and then arranging the resulting stones, often together with mortar, to form structures. Stone Masonry use all types of natural stone: igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary; while some also use artificial stone as well. A …

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Gravel Road|Gravel road construction specifications|Paved road by|Layers of road construction|Gravel meaning|

Gravel Road construction

In This Section, I am going to discuss on  the topic of Gravel road construction.  Various terminologies related with surface road construction have the following definitions: “Sub-grade” means the zone immediately below the pavement. “Pavement” means any part or all of the construction comprising base course and surface course “Base …

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Embankment|Earthwork embankment|Embankments and Backfill Construction |

earthwork embankment

Embankment and backfill construction includes the construction of all embankments for canals, drains, roads, river, structures and filling in other parts of works with suitable materials obtained from canals, drains, rivers and structure excavation or extracted from borrow areas. All embankments and backfill construction are constructed to the lines and …

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Concrete Mix|Grade of concrete |concrete properties| Analysis for Reinforced Concrete (step-by-step)|

Rcc concrete construction

Research on the construction of Reinforcement Concrete(RCC), concrete mix, concrete properties, Reinforced concrete, class of concrete and complex task related to concrete, there is a series of steps and rules followed for proper High strength RCC structure construction and for there Durability. Class and Grade of concrete A. General:  All …

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