How to find Underground water|Sources of Groundwater – CivilCodex


Sources of groundwater, how to find underground water – this article is about Surface runoff, infiltration, ground water flow characteristics, Sources of groundwater, how to find underground water, aquifer, water table, etc. The objective of Groundwater FlowDemonstration Model is to outline the stream ways that groundwater takes under an obstacle …

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Modes of Transportation: Difference between Railway Transport and Road Transport

Different modes of transportation

Modes of transportation: This article is about different modes of transportation, forms of transportation,  and difference between Railway transport and Road transport. A human being has always remained surrounded by the three basics mediums known as land, water, air.  The modes of transportation are also connected with these three mediums. …

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Solutions to flooding| Flood prevention| flood meaning| Flood Causes|

Bamboo percopining- Solutions to flooding

In This article I am going to show you about Solutions to flooding, Flood Mitigation Measures as per field condition, bank condition availability of fund and economically viable acceptable to the community and community-based structures. It includes engineering and structural and bio-engineering works. Bamboo percopining- Solutions to flooding           Project …

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